Product Management Training

I run personalised one-to-one trainings on Business Analysis and Product Management, which are different from the usual class room based or online training programs.

Suitable for:

  • people trying to break into Product Management and Business Analysis with no prior experience
  • current business analysts or Product Manager aiming to progress in their career towards the next senior role
  • people trying to break into FAANG organisations

How does this work?

This is a hand-holding based training session. We will agree on a progressin plan of 3-12 months based on your needs, we will have a weekly touch point and you will have access to a Asana board where you will get (a) your weekly reading material includiong books and articles (b) videos to watch (c) assignments to do which will be assessed and (e) a monthly project.

I expect 5 hours time committment required every week.

What will you get?

  • Books and hand picked articles to read
  • Selected Vidoes to watch
  • Real Life case studies to read
  • Assignments and Projects from households brands and FAANG orgs
  • Rewrite your CV
  • Build your Linkedin brand
  • Question bank for FAANG org interviews with sample answers
  • A progression plan for 3-12 months
  • Weekly checkins
  • Hand holding and personalised mentoring and coaching

If you are intersted, contact me.